The Bon Vivant

The Bon Vivant

Your hero is perfectly at home in the finest accommodations where every amenity, distinctive luxury and five-star service is a given. They appreciate the art of relaxation and a warm day spent on the beach.

Sound familiar? Then one of these prizes is just right for them.

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Candy-colored cocktails sipped in seaside watering holes. Carefree days followed by calypso-flavored nights on a yacht with fewer than 350 guests. These are the siren songs that your hero can expect if they choose to escape to the some of the lesser-known Caribbean Islands with Windstar Cruises.

Possibly the most uniquely situated resort in the United States, The Oasis at Death Valley gives you the perfect vantage point to explore Death Valley National Park. From the Four-Diamond historic Inn at Death Valley, your hero will have their pick of memorable explorations.

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