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Client Profile: The Adventurous Parents

These destinations and experiences are perfect for your clients seeking out an exuberant adventure. The average client is 59 years old and has children who are teenagers and are looking for laid back luxury and kid-friendly destinations complete with accommodations that are luxurious yet comfortable

They enjoy getting off the grid on their vacations, and are interested in travel that educates as well as entertains, while leaving a small footprint behind. These clients do their research before traveling and are well-connected internet buffs looking for group and multi-generational travel on a budget.

Ways to Maximize Commission
with Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel

  • Educational materials and webinars so you can learn all about the Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel.
  • Access to approved images, logos, and videos to make it as easy as possible to create professional looking marketing materials.
  • Experienced regional sales managers to help you out.
  • Turnkey packages, some include an overnight at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.
  • 6 classes of service offer your clients options.
  • The most highly-rated Xanterra Travel Collection product from a guest satisfaction perspective.
  • Your clients will thank you for introducing them to a product that allows them to skip the lines at the entrance of Grand Canyon National Park, that also includes entertainment and a ride on a historic train.

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Ways to Maximize Commission
with Grand Hotel at Grand Canyon

Book with confidence knowing your clients are staying at the only Three- Diamond hotel near the Grand Canyon. Earn commissions while your clients experience legendary hospitality. Xanterra Travel Collection is the largest park concessionaire in the United States. Talk with our team to learn how your clients can expand their visits to the Grand Canyon to include our other properties including The Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel and Grand Canyon National Park Lodges.

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Ways to Maximize Commission
with Oasis at Death Valley

Earn commissions and book with confidence at a resort with a storied past in the heart of Death Valley National Park. Surrounded by natural beauty, next to a challenging and one-of-a-kind golf course, and a National Park full of fun activities, you can create the perfect travel experience that surpasses your client’s needs. Our experienced staff is happy to provide you all the support and tools you need.

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