The Enlightened Explorer

The Enlightened Explorer

Your hero values authenticity above all else. Your hero likes to sample regional specialties, ask questions, listen in and discover what the locals love about the place they call home. A seeker of memorable moments, learning something to share with others always matters.

We think they will find an experience to savor in these prizes:

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Set your hero off on a Nova Scotia hiking tour featuring Cape Breton’s spectacular coastal scenery, abundant wildlife, and rich Scottish and Acadian history. They can set their own schedule, taking time to truly appreciate the stunning scenery and lively culture of this special place.

Storied battlefields, antebellum mansions, and scenic vistas merge seamlessly on this cultural voyage along the Native American Natchez Trace trail. Your hero can guide their own expedition on a “pilgrimage” through the picturesque streets of Natchez, home to the grandest antebellum mansions.

Your hero will feel the spray of the falls as they get up close and personal on a boat tour, explore the entire city of Niagara Falls on a private tour, and view the falls from behind their cascades. Experience the power of the world’s most famous waterfalls and enjoy the beautiful Canadian scenery.

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