Bring Joy To The World This Season

This is a time to believe in magic.

There’s a hopeful energy to the season that reminds us of the optimism of travel. Dreaming of places to explore. Wishing for new experiences. Thinking about how travel connects us all. How sharing uncharted adventures always brings us together, no matter where we are.

It’s also a time to believe in new beginnings. In new places and dreams of revisiting old familiar ones. Instead of boxes under the tree, how about a gift that means so much more? Like standing at the edge of Grand Canyon greatness, soaring to new Glacier Mountain heights, a yacht-style cruise to hidden ports, or witnessing the geological wonder of Old Faithful in the world’s first national park.

So here’s to holiday magic. To traveling distances that make the heart grow fonder. To a new year filled with unforgettable experiences. Maybe the best things haven’t even happened yet.

Happy Holidays.

Gifts That Bring Comfort And Joy

Invite your loved ones to pause, take a breath, and dream of the places they long to go. A historic stay on the rim of the Grand Canyon. A yacht-style cruise to hidden ports. A guided tour to bucket list destinations. Even works of local artists from our shops, head-to-toe pampering in an Oasis spa room, a mule ride into the canyon, or dining in a national park treasure, Yellowstone’s Old Faithful Inn. With our brand new gift cards, they can do all that and more.

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Lazy winter day in front of fire in fireplace. Human legs in socks in front of fireplace.

Get Cozy

Warm up your holidays with our relaxing fireplace with crackling logs and fire sounds. Click the link, open the video full screen, and be transported somewhere magical.

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The Best of Xanterra

Let’s look back on some of our favorite locations, hikes, views, tours, posts, memories, moments, and more, and let yourself be inspired to visit somewhere new, return to an old favorite, or discover destinations that have long been calling you.

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Plan for Vacation Day

Holiday joy is one of those things we’d like to capture, hold on to, and live all year long. Getting together with family and friends. Sharing joyful moments. Recharging, reconnecting, and making up for lost time. How do we make that magic last all year long? Travel. Planning ahead, giving yourself something to look forward to, dreaming of an experience that will bring balance and connection.

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