If You’re Naturally Different, You’ll be a Natural Fit


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Tired of the same old? Discover a workplace that is Naturally Different.

Posted by: Xanterra on August 30, 2018

At Xanterra, we are a group of people from all over the world who share a love of adventure, a passion for the planet and a desire to help make bucket-list vacations come to life for our guests. For us, our job provides the opportunity to live, work and explore in some of the most beautiful places on Earth. What better way to really experience what these legendary places have to offer? If you’re ready to change up your way of life, we can offer a different alternative. Naturally different. Think about it.


What’s It Like?

It’s more than a job, it’s a lifestyle. We get to live where others vacation, meaning we get to explore these iconic places in ways few others ever will. We’re big on community because we’ve learned that when you live and work with like-minded people, you forge friendships that last a lifetime. We work hard and we work together to provide legendary hospitality to our thousands of guests each year. And when we’re not working, we go on amazing adventures that we would never otherwise have if spectacular sites weren’t just outside our front door. We’re not afraid of disconnecting from the distractions of modern technology, because it allows us to connect with so much more. This different way of life comes naturally to us, that’s why we call ourselves “Naturally Different.”

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Are You a Good Fit?

We can tell you about the people who are, and you can decide if they sound like your kind of community. We find that they all show up with a strong work ethic stuffed in their backpack. Every single job is necessary for the success of our common goal of providing legendary hospitality. No matter what job they’re doing, our most successful employees always give it their best because they take pride in what they do. Another thing—they are explorers by nature. They have a desire to go off the beaten path and make new discoveries. They’re curious, energetic and see challenges as an opportunity for adventure. And when it comes to being an ambassador to our national treasures, you can see the genuine excitement in their face and hear it in their voice.

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Should We Talk?

If reading about what it means to be naturally different has lit a fire inside you, it’s likely a sign that you’re a natural fit. Connect with us today and let’s start a conversation that could bring you to live, work and explore with us.

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Written by: Xanterra

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