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To make your planning process extra smooth, think about using some of our favorite tools

Maybe you’re a natural event planner: your attention to detail is second to none, and you love to make sure everyone has a great time. Great! To make your planning process extra smooth, think about using some of our favorite tools:


Pinterest is a popular online visual search engine that works like a virtual bulletin board and is one of the best tools to use to find inspiration online! Frequently used for wedding planning, its offerings and capabilities don’t stop there. Search for ideas relating to any type of event and we guarantee you’ll find countless exciting ideas, and tips to make the most of your special trip. Once you find a theme, an itinerary, or a menu idea that’s perfect for your trip, you can “pin” it to the board you’ve created for planning purposes. As you continue to pin, your board will grow and eventually you’ll have a visual representation of your ideal trip in one convenient place.BONUS: you can add collaborators to your board! If you’re working with a friend or family member to plan your special trip, you can give them access and they can contribute to the inspiration process. Be sure to install the Pinterest plug-in on your web browser! This will allow you to “pin” ideas that you find elsewhere on the internet.

Google Drive

Like Pinterest, documents housed in Google Drive can be shared with others and can be updated in real time. Are you spreadsheet-minded? Plan your budget in Google Sheets. Trying to keep track of invoices, hotel confirmations, itineraries, and more? Upload them to Google Drive and you’ll have access to everything wherever you have an internet or data connection. Keeping everything accessiblein Google Drive means you won’t have to worry about losing anything or forgetting to keep a hard copy of important documents on you at all times. It also allows you to give your guests access to the information they might need quickly and easily.


Doodle is a simple, user-friendly, online tool that easily helps you to poll many people at once. You can suggest things like dates and times for an event and invited participants can select their availability and give feedback. As participants make their selections, Doodle collects the responses and visually shows you, the organizer, which option works best for the group. You can use Doodle in the early stages of your planning to decide on a number of important event elements, including dates, trip durations, preferred locations, budget ranges and more. It will help you to ensure that your choices are best suited to the preferences and availability of your invited guests.


Trello is a tool that allows you to organize your projects into boards. Trello tracks your progress on a project (by making use of convenient checklists), easily tells you who’s working on what, and how far along your progress is. It’s a great tool to keep track of progress whether you’re working on planning your trip alone, or with the help of family and friends.


Splitwise is an app for splitting expenses with your friends and family. It lets you and your friends add various bills and keep track of who owes who, and then it helps you to settle up with each other. Gone are the days of keeping track on scrap paper and feeling awkward when you need to ask to be reimbursed. Splitwise takes care of it all for you.

Not a natural-born planner?

Not to worry. Many of Xanterra’s properties and travel operators offer all-inclusive vacations or getaways with many inclusions, meaning that almost every element of your vacation is taken care of for you!Want more tips? Follow along with our #MomentsThatMatter hashtag on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, or: Download our Celebration Travel E-Book