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Over the last year, we’ve had to adjust how we explore the world.

As much as life around us has changed, we’re still craving the escape that comes with the adventure of a vacation. A great and safe way to break away from the familiar is with your closest friends and family, what we’ve come to know as your “bubble”.There are lots of ways your small group can travel safely and all have something to look forward to, together. You get to spend time with the people you care about the most and feel comfortable with responsible ways to explore. There are countless destinations to discover, some of them right in your own backyard.Here are some tips on how you travel with your bubble, put safety first, and still make the most of your adventure.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors of National Parks

When you step into a national park, you’re diving into the endless natural beauty of the wilderness and landscapes that have captured the imaginations of adventurers for generations. You and your bubble will have all the room you need to social distance while taking in the breathtaking scenery of historic and iconic national parks.Discover parks at your own pace so everyone can soak in all the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. Or book a private, guided tour with VBT Bicycling Vacations, Country Walkers or Holiday Vacations to learn even more. Find comfortable and private accommodations to really immerse yourself in these extraordinary settings. Learn More

Explore on Two Wheels With a Bicycle Tour

Hopping on a bicycle gives your bubble a fun way to explore every nook and cranny of your travel destination with a fresh perspective. Feel like a local as you pedal through beautiful landscapes and stay at boutique hotels and accommodations that have been family-owned for generations. Find local secrets with access to places you don’t usually see when traveling by car.Choose an ebike, mountain bike or road bike to ride along the rolling countryside fields and lakeside trails of Vermont with the gorgeous Green Mountains watching over you. Smell the salty air while exploring the cozy Maine coastline, pausing to photograph historic lighthouses along the way. Cycling with your bubble is a great way to spend time together on wide open paths and untouched trails while catching up on old news and making new memories. The best part? You’ll have so much fun you’ll forget you’re actually getting a great workout at the same time. This healthy and sustainable mode of travel offers great flexibility for your entire bubble. Organize your own private group tour or self-guided tour, or join a small group with VBT Bicycling Vacations that matches the destination preferences and energy level of your bubble. Learn More

Take to the Seas on a Small Ship

Your bubble will feel safe and sound on the seas while sailing with 148 to 342 guests on Windstar Cruises. The small size of the yachts means your tight-knit group has your own space while on board. Flexible dining hours, lots of outdoor deck dining, and top health and safety precautions allow your bubble to socially distance from others while taking in the inspiring wonder and sweeping views of life at sea.Since all Windstar yachts are equipped with all new air filtration systems and the latest health and safety technology and practices as part of their Beyond Ordinary Care Program, that means you and your bubble can take a break from the ordinary and enjoy the peace of mind that sailing the open seas brings. The unforgettable experience of traveling on a majestic yacht on the water might be just what your bubble needs. Learn More

Buckle Up for a Road Trip

The best part about hopping into the car with your bubble is you get to plan as much or as little as you want! A road trip gives your entire group the flexibility to travel safely to destinations in your own backyard or beyond. Decide where you want to go and for how long. Why not pile into the car for a quick drive up I-17 from Phoenix or along I-40 on a stunning journey from California through the desert over the course of a few days? Hit the open road and cruise through the southwest until you reach the famed Route 66—it’s here you’ll find the Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel, nestled at the crossroads of vintage Americana and one of the Seven Natural Wonders – the Grand Canyon. Make sure your phone is loaded with Xanterra’s very own National Park Road Trip Spotify playlist and our family-friendly Road Trip Bingo activity sheet as your bubble sets out on an epic road trip none of you will ever forget. Learn More

Don’t Burst Your Bubble

No need to spend hours researching protocols and guidelines—leave the details to us. Xanterra is constantly monitoring the travel landscape to prioritize your health and safety, and we will communicate with you about any changes or updates to regulations or procedures.In the meantime, some things to remember:Stress-Free PlanningWith our generous cancellation policies, you can confidently book a Xanterra vacation knowing that if plans change, we’ve got your back.A Focus on SafetyWe’ve been operating for over 150 years in some of the most beautiful places on earth and the safety of our guests and staff has always been a top priority. To get a full view of our ongoing efforts, please visit our dedicated Health & Safety page.Don’t Leave Without The EssentialsBefore you depart, use our handy checklist before you go:Hand sanitizersExtra masks and filtersSanitizing wipesGlovesReusable water bottlesPre-packaged snacksComfortable layers of clothing for rain or shineTo discover a World of Unforgettable Experiences with the Xanterra Travel Collection and its affiliated properties, visit