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Guided walking adventures offer safe, immersive and unforgettable experiences perfect for solo travelers

“I really look forward to walking with other people; I love the conversations and the connections you make.”When Nancy Haeberle arrived in Holland, it was a new experience in more ways than one. Though a long-time traveler and avowed walker, this was her first time visiting a new country on her own. After her husband’s untimely passing, the prospect of setting out solo seemed, to say the least, daunting. “I used to call him Vasco de Gama,” she says, “because he could find his way anywhere, interpret any map. That was never my talent. I’d felt so protected with him; I wasn’t sure if I could do it on my own.”That uncertainty remained even through her arrival at the airport. “When I got there and checked in, I had a moment of panic,” she recalls. “I almost backed out. Instead, I called some friends and they said, ‘have a glass of wine, take your Dramamine early, and relax.’ That’s just what I did.”Today, she’s very glad she made that decision. After completing her first solo tour with Country Walkers, she’s taken a second and then a third. “I really look forward to walking with other people,” she says. “I love the conversations and the connections you make. And these people are all just like me–I’ve stayed in touch with many of them. It’s great to not have to think about who you’ll have dinner with while traveling.”Of course, it’s not just about the company. A talented photographer, Nancy fondly recalls some of the vistas she’s experienced during her rambles. “Keukenhof Gardens is one of my all-time favorites,” she says. “It’s just surreal. I look back at some of my photos and think, ‘Did I really take that? Was I really there?’ But really, that’s why you travel, to experience places like that.”So what tips does Nancy have for other would-be solo travelers? “I know so many people who say they’d love to do it,” she says, “and instead they just stay on their couch. I’ll show pictures from my trips to friends at my women’s group and they’ll say, ‘I wish I could do that.’ Well, you can. My advice is, ‘Have the glass of wine and get on the plane.’ Life is short–that’s a lesson I’ve really learned over the last few years. So just…get moving.”

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Finding a reputable, trusted company that is accustomed to providing comfortable, memorable trips for solo travelers is important. For over 38 years, Country Walkers has provided active, immersive, and unforgettable travel experiences on five continents, and makes it easy for solo travelers. They offer two distinct ways to explore: scheduled, small-group Guided Walking Adventures and independent Self-Guided Walking Adventures. On tour, guests enjoy superb local cuisine, first-class guides, fine accommodations, and authentic cultural and natural encounters. Visit for more information.Sister companies to Country Walkers, VBT Bicycling and Walking Vacations, and Holiday Vacations also offer special rates for solo travelers on certain itineraries and dates. Click on the links to learn more.For more travel experiences in Beautiful Places on Earth® available from Xanterra Travel Collection and its affiliated properties, visit