When Smaller is Better

The Unique Benefits of Small-Group Travel

Small-group tour companies provide the kind of insider knowledge that’s virtually unavailable to individual travelers. They can advise you on what to pack before you leave and guide you through the nuances of language, culture, and customs once you’re there.

Insider access. Expert guides. Compatible travel companions. These attributes and more make small-group travel so special and memorable. Among small-tour operators, Austin Adventures, Country Walkers, VBT, and CW Safaris all stand out for their personalized service and curated adventure trips that offer experiences of a lifetime.

Here are the benefits of traveling with a small-group tour outfitter. Happy trails!

Natural Beauty

Great for Solos

Small-group travel is perfect for single travelers. Not only does it provide ready-made travel companions with similar interests to share the experience, but it also minimizes any sense of loneliness. You never have to eat alone at a restaurant or sit by yourself at a pub. And for single women, in particular, it offers the comfort and security of being in a group.

Some tour companies make an effort to attract singles. VBT, for example, offers a low single-room supplement for its solo tours and Country Walkers is waiving its single supplements on its most popular Guided Walking Adventures in 2017.


More Lodging Options

Do you enjoy staying in boutique hotels, B&Bs, and other unique small lodgings? Smaller groups can use a wider range of accommodations unavailable to large groups, which must rely on big chain hotels. Such smaller, individually owned lodgings often reflect the local character better, providing a stronger sense of place.



Finally, a small-group tour offers the benefits of a privately guided one but at a much lower price. Because you’re sharing the costs with a few other people, you can enjoy personalized service far more affordably. And who doesn’t appreciate that!

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