Our Partners

Building effective and efficient partnerships

Xanterra is dedicated to safeguarding our national parks, and helping, in part through sustainable practices, to ensure that future generations can enjoy these wild and sacred places.

Our long term commitment also includes making significant investments to restore and retain the historic character of the properties we are privileged to operate.

In addition, Xanterra Travel Collection partners with multiple organizations who share our commitment to a softer footprint and preservation. To that end, we offer our guests the opportunity to give back when they stay with us. Last year alone, our national park lodges collected more than $290,000 for our non-profit partners that support the parks.

Our Partners include:

National Park Service
Department of Interior
EPA Energy Star Program
EPA Waste Wise Program
National Park Foundation
National Park Conservation Association
Rainforest Alliance
World Wildlife Fund

Friends of Yellowstone

Greater Yellowstone Clean Cities Coalition
Utah Power Blue Sky Wind Power
Renewable Northwest Project
Climate Solutions
Northwest Energy Coalition
Earth Share


Marine Stewardship Council
Chef’s Collaborative
Seafood Watch
U.S. Forest Service

We also maintain memberships in key professional organizations. They include:

National Park Hospitality Association
U.S. Green Building Council

National Parks Pass

Xanterra Travel Collection has partnered with the National Park Service to offer the National Parks Pass, allowing access to 388 National Parks and supporting our National Parks system. More than 80% of the proceeds help fund vital National Park projects.

Learn more and purchase a National Parks Pass Online.

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