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Legendary Hospitality with a Softer Footprint

Xanterra Travel Collection is an award-winning, globally diversified travel company offering once in a lifetime experiences in some of the most beautiful and iconic places on earth. Whether you’d like to journey to the bottom of the Grand Canyon on a mule, climb the majestic ruins of Machu Picchu or cycle through France’s lush countryside, Xanterra will bring your bucket list dream vacations to life.

The name Xanterra is derived from “Xanadu,” a beautiful, idyllic paradise described in the poem Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and “terra,” the Latin word for earth. Thus, Xanterra means “Beautiful Places on Earth®”

Xanterra Travel Collection acquired The Fred Harvey Company in 1968, and with the acquisition of TW Recreational Services in 1995, became the largest national and state park concessioner in the United States. In September 2008, the Denver-based Anschutz Corporation purchased Xanterra and pledged that the company would remain true to the legacy of hospitality established by Fred Harvey, and would continue to set the standard for ecologically sound resorts that complement, not harm their natural surroundings.

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