Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions from Past Applicants

What is our application process?

Corporate On-line Application Process – The “central” online application system used by most properties except Yellowstone* is supported by the corporate Human Resources office. This office assists applicants with the following types of questions or problems: password problems, resetting of interview questions, and error messages. Should you experience any of these problems or have questions related to the system, please contact us at 303.600.3400.

*Yellowstone On-line Application Process – Please contact the Yellowstone Human Resources department for any questions related to this specific on-line application process. Just call 307.344.5323 for assistance.

What is our hiring process?

First, you would apply for a position using the appropriate online application. Next, the hiring manager will review all complete applications (incomplete applications will not be considered for employment). This processing time may take up to six weeks for core/entry level positions, while skilled trade and/or supervisory positions may take longer. Candidates will be notified as to whether they have been selected. If the hiring manager is interested in an applicant, they will contact the applicant directly.

What are your recruiting and employment dates?

Please visit our Recruiting and Employment Dates page for more information.

What is the appropriate contact information for questions I may have?

For questions regarding:

  • Application Status, Job or Property Specific Inquiries – Please contact the specific property directly for assistance.
  • Job Postings – Only open job positions are posted. If a search is opened for a specific property and no jobs are displayed, this means there are no open jobs at that property.
  • Application without Attaching a Specific Job – In order to be considered for employment by a hiring manager, applicants must apply for a specific job opening.
  • Paper Applications – Generally, paper applications are not accepted at properties that use an online application system.
  • Computer-Generated Message – If a computer-generated message is received indicating that the application is incomplete, please review the application. Usual areas for the message are certifications, interview, and no job attached to the application. Contact 303-600-3400 if problems persist.
  • Details for Property Arrival – Please contact the hiring property at the phone number provided during your interview, or call the property directly.
  • Summer and Winter Hiring Schedule – Summer postings begin in January and run through April. Winter postings begin in August and run through October. Some properties take applications year-round.

Contact Information

Corporate Office – Denver, CO
Matt Menough –
Housing: N

The Oasis at Death ValleyOnline
Ali Lavender –
Housing: Y

Glacier National Park Lodges Online
Housing: Y

The Grand HotelOnline
Diana Williams –
Housing: Y

Grand Canyon Railway – Paper & Online
Ashley Cuevas –

Housing: N

Grand Canyon South RimOnline
p: 888.224.0330
Housing: Y

Holiday VacationsOnline
Rachel Proue –
Housing: N

Mount RushmoreOnline
Adrianne Molgard –
p: 605.574.2515 x103   f: 605.574.2495
Housing: Y

VBT and Country Walkers
Nicole Voth –
Housing: N

Rocky Mountain National ParkOnline
Nancy Strong –
p: 970.586.2133
Housing: Y

Matt Menough –
p: 206.468.0440
Housing: Y

p: 307.344.5323
Housing: Y

Chris Bullock –
p: 435.772.7720 f: 435.772.7793
Housing: Y

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