The Christmas in July Sale Starts In...

Christmas in July Sale
July 19th-27th, 2022

There’s nothing new about the idea of Christmas in July. The magic and togetherness of the holiday season meet the adventure and warmth of July. What’s not to love? At Xanterra it’s a notion we love so much, it’s the launching pad for one of our biggest sales of the year.

What do you get when seasons collide? During our Christmas in July Sale from July 19th-27th, big savings on unforgettable experiences are in store for you. Don’t let the sun set on amazing deals to some of the world’s most unforgettable destinations.

Where will you go?

Grand Canyon Lodges

Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel

The Grand Hotel

Zion National Park Lodge

The Inn at Death Valley National Park

The Ranch at Death Valley National Park

Cedar Creek Lodge—Just Outside Glacier National Park

Yellowstone National Park Lodges

Windstar Cruises

Sea Island Resort

More Than a Gift. It’s an Experience.

Our gift cards connect you to A World of Unforgettable Experiences with Xanterra Travel Collection. A historic stay on the rim of the Grand Canyon. The perfect souvenir from one of our shops. Golfing at Death Valley. An unforgettable journey aboard the Grand Canyon Railway to the stunning South Rim. With our gift cards, you can choose your own adventure.

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