The Time to Plan is Now

Travel revitalizes the soul and opens our eyes to fresh new perspectives. Getting away from it all is your first step in an unforgettable direction. And with our curated collection of vacation planning tools, you can say good-bye burnout and hello unforgettable experiences. Nothing takes our mind off the everyday like dreaming of the day you’ll stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon. Planning the bicycle tour of France you’ve always wanted to take. Imagining how you’ll spend your days at the lush Oasis at Death Valley or being inspired by all you’ll discover on your all-suite yacht-style cruise to faraway lands. The time is now.

Dream now, plan now, book now. And when you’re ready for the world, our unforgettable destinations are waiting for you.

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How-To Guides & Travel Inspiration:

Vacation’s Perfect Place

Whether you long to cycle through falling leaves in Vermont, float under a bright blue Tahitian sky or simply relax on a soft sandy beach, don’t let the details overwhelm or the time slip on by.

Dive into Xanterra’s diverse and unique portfolio of unforgettable travel experiences to create a reality so chock full of memory making moments you’ll be reaping dividends for a lifetime.

National Parks: A Perfect Vacation for All Ages

If you have fond memories of a national park visit — holding your grandmother’s hand as you saw the Grand Canyon for the first time or a fireside talk with your dad — those experiences remain as vivid as your memories when it’s time to share them with your own children and grandchildren.

Here are a few can’t-miss suggestions for making the most of your multi-generational national parks visit.

Plan for Adventure

While we all long for things to get back to normal and are eager to get out and about, this is also a time to challenge assumptions and question the same old same old.

The fact is, there’s no better time than now for a re-imagination of the vacation. And the Xanterra Travel Collection makes it easier than ever to see the world in a fresh way. Been there, done that? Here are some suggestions that may inspire you to shake up your travel routine.

7 Domestic Vacations That Feel a World Away

When you think about your next vacation, it’s tempting to let your mind wander to faraway lands.

Not so fast. There are also many domestic destinations that are every bit as majestic—and a lot easier to get to. Case in point: The unforgettable experiences you’ll have at the Xanterra Travel Collection destinations here.

Plan a Road Trip

Carefree. Spontaneous. Adventurous. There’s nothing like the feeling you get from a good old-fashioned American road trip. You can make as many or as few plans as you like. We’ve got a little help, a lot of inspiration, and everything you need to plan a road trip and get started on the journey of a lifetime.

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Avoid The Crowds

Small-group tours can offer special, memorable experiences, insight into the local culture, discoveries off the beaten path, and stays in unique accommodations that would be hard to duplicate on your own or with a large group.

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Guided Vacations Made Easy

Let the Xanterra Travel Collection’s tour companies and their experienced guides handle all of the details of your ideal vacation where you will see the best of the best, get to know like-minded travelers and get outstanding value.

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Grand Canyon Adventure Planner

The Grand Canyon Adventure Planner comes with a variety of maps, books, and guides to get your trip planning off to a great start.


Yellowstone Adventure Planners

There is no better time to plan your trip to Yellowstone. Shop Yellowstone planners now and be prepared with books, maps, and guides to make a perfect trip.


Best Easy Day Hikes, Death Valley National Park

Hiking made easy with 24 easy to follow trails for all ability levels. Contains concise descriptions and detailed maps with GPS coordinates for each trail.


Ready to Start Planning? Xanterra Gift Cards are Here!

Invite your loved ones to pause, take a breath, and dream of the places they long to go. A historic stay on the rim of the Grand Canyon. A yacht-style cruise to hidden ports. A guided tour to bucket list destinations. Even works of local artists from our shops, head-to-toe pampering in an Oasis spa room, a mule ride into the canyon, or dining in a national park treasure, Yellowstone’s Old Faithful Inn. With our brand new gift cards, they can do all that and more.


Booked your Vacation?

Great, we can’t wait to see you! While you wait, get in the vacation mindset with packing lists, playlists, downloads, and video footage of our most popular destinations.

Packing Lists

Need help packing? Download our handy packing checklists!

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Sorry I Missed You…

Let others know you’re heading away on the vacation of your dreams with one of these fun out-of-office messages.

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Your Plan for Vacation Checklist

Use these simple tips to make your next trip the ultimate recharge — body, mind, and spirit.

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The Sounds of Xanterra

Rain falling in the Grand Canyon. A geyser erupting in Yellowstone National Park. A bugling elk. These are the captivating sounds of the Xanterra Travel Collection. Immerse yourself in them as you count down the days to your next vacation.

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A Look Into Our World

Travel may be on hold, but that doesn’t mean seeing the world has to be. As you countdown the days to vacation why not virtually travel by looking out our windows for a while? Watch the clouds as they move across the Grand Canyon. Be mesmerized by the wake of your yacht-style cruise ship. Experience the Northern Lights from the comfort of home.

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