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Our favorite visitor photos

Posted by: Xanterra on December 2, 2021

As 2021 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on all the wonderful adventures we had over the last year. The new year came with new beginnings, possibilities, and the chance to explore places you’ve never been before. Whether it was watching the sunset at the Grand Canyon, sailing into small ports in the Mediterranean, or biking in the Alps, there were so many enchanting places to explore.

The best part is that our guests had their cameras out capturing all these moments so that we could experience them too! We are always wowed at the incredible photos that are taken, and what makes it even better is seeing you embark on new adventures. Now, we want to share some of these special moments with you.

The beautiful orange hues of the Grand Canyon are enough to stop you in your tracks. Sometimes the best way to explore a place is to simply stop and take in the view! Photo by @pricklypear_fitness.

An incredible capture by @macyannecarman of Grand Prismatic in Yellowstone National Park. This park has so much to offer, from hikes, to hot springs, and majestic animals—everyone should visit Yellowstone at least once in their lifetime.

This year was all about stepping away from the hustle and bustle and stepping into nature, and our guests did just that! There’s no better way to challenge yourself than embarking on a new hike and being rewarded with a stunning view like this one of Zion National Park. Great shot @sticksandstumps!

Nothing but breathtaking views from Glacier National Park this year. This park allows for full serenity with its calm lakes, tall mountains, ancient forests, and absolutely stunning sunsets. Thank you for the photo @duelinglenses!

There’s something so unique about Death Valley. Its forbidden landscape leaves so much to explore, and makes for the perfect escape. We love seeing photos that our guests have taken here, including this one from @yzzygonzalez.

We absolutely love this photo taken by Trish L. on a VBT Bicycling tour in Slovenia, Austria, and Italy. What an incredible adventure with a breathtaking view. With VBT, you are immersed into the local culture from the minute you arrive.

What a great shot of Country Walkers Travel Manager and safari veteran Kat. She’s enjoying an elephant walk through the African Bush on the Botswana and Zambia Safari: Victoria Falls to the Okavango Delta Tour. Talk about a bucket list experience!

There’s nothing quite like taking a guided jeep tour up to Pikes Peak on Holiday Vacations’ Colorado Highlights tour. Feel a rush of adventure with stunning views like this as your backdrop. Thanks for the great photo @mhestertravels.

We love seeing smiling guests! What a great photo capturing a stunning Windstar sail ship in the background. There are so many opportunities for adventure when you sail with Windstar Cruises. Thanks for the great photo Jo Ann S!

Now that 2021 is coming to a close, it’s time to start thinking about where you’d like to travel next. Whether you’re checking off a bucket list destination, hiking in a national park you’ve always wanted to visit, or immersing yourself in a new culture around the world, Xanterra has you covered. We can’t wait to see where you go next!

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Written by: Xanterra

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