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    Traversing Yellowstone in the Winter

Winter Deliveries in Yellowstone National Park

Living in Yellowstone National Park during winter is like stepping into a magical wonderland. The snow-covered landscape, the quiet stillness, and the abundance of wildlife make it a truly unique experience. As truck driver Ben Mitchem puts it, “Winter in the park is definitely a different animal.”

Unlike summertime, when the whole park is bustling with activity, in winter only a few areas are open for visitors. For Jenny Howison and her husband, who live and work at Old Faithful during this time, it means being cut off from the outside world. But they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Their job involves transporting essential supplies to keep operations running smoothly. From paper and plastic goods for the hotel dining rooms to employee mail and even Amazon packages, they bring it all on their truck from Gardiner, Montana to Old Faithful, a journey that takes about 2 hours depending on weather conditions and bison sightings.

The remote location of Yellowstone in winter means that if they need something from outside the park, it can be a huge process. That’s where Amazon comes in handy. Jenny shares how they rely on the convenience of online shopping to get things like treats for their dog Atlas or toiletries for themselves.

But it’s not just about convenience. For Jenny, being able to connect with the outside world through Amazon packages is a comforting feeling. She says, “It’s not just driving a truck, it’s definitely a little more.”

What truly makes Yellowstone special for them is the fact that it’s the first national park in the US and still maintains its wild nature. Jenny sums it up perfectly, “Yellowstone is definitely home.”

Living and working in Yellowstone National Park during winter is more than just a job for Ben and Jenny. It’s an adventure, a challenge, and a way of life. From navigating snowy roads to encountering bison herds, they embrace the beauty and wildness of this iconic national park. And with the convenience of Amazon delivery, they are able to stay connected to the outside world while living in this remote location during the winter season.

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