A Poem About Cruising On Star Legend


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Thank you Mr. Stevens for sharing your love of Star Legend and her crew. Ever since I christened her my life has been happier. It is my second home and the crew are like my kids! ∼ Star Legend Godmother Gloria Bohan

Posted by: Windstar Cruises on April 14, 2020

Windstar’s returning guest – Mr. Richard Stevens wrote a beautiful poem about cruising on Star Legend. From Hong Kong and Bangkok’s energetic embrace of east and west to Halong Bay’s soul-stirring beauty, this journey captured his heart. UNESCO World Heritage Sites are everywhere: the ancient trading city of Hoi An, My Son Sanctuary, Hue, Halong Bay. And between them lie miles of emerald jungle, brilliant smiles, and time at sea to make Star Legend your very own.

Life Afloat on the Legend

Life is to sail away for a year and a day; To the lands that are so far away.
The thought of the sea spray; As you prepare for the great day.
The house you have departed; The journey’s just started.
Life can be so nice afloat; First sight of that fantastic boat.
From the stem to the stern; The Legend has everything you yearn.
What a fantastic day; Home is so far away.
It’s nice to be free; As one looks at the sea.
With quality, comfort and service beyond compare; Windstar is always right there.
Life is like utopia; An icon of cornucopia.
The ship is no hallucination; It is providing a fantastic vacation.
Your stateroom is a luxurious apartment; Served by every department.
Legend offers that personal touch; Which you like so very much.
Your dreams are realized every day; As you are cosseted in every way.
You can bask in the sun; And feel you are the only one.
With new ports of call; Some you may only recall.
With all that passion and zeal; You think the Captain is at the wheel.
With food for your pleasure; In ever-increasing measure.
Join friends in profusion; For another alcoholic infusion.
Your thoughts turn to fitness; As God is you, witness.
Away from all that home stress and strife; The Legend is now your superlative life.

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Written by: Xanterra

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