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  • Relax and Recharge

    Relax and Recharge

Electric Vehicles Welcome!

Over the years, the primary method of exploring national parks has evolved significantly. From on foot to horseback, train, automobile, and shuttle bus, Xanterra Travel Collection® offers A World of Unforgettable Experiences®, featuring unique ways to experience the beauty of nature. Do you dream of horseback riding through Yellowstone National Park or taking a mule ride into the Grand Canyon? These are just some of the exciting adventures offered by Xanterra. And if you’re looking for a truly unforgettable journey, hop aboard the historic Grand Canyon Railway and experience the nostalgia of traveling through time. But it’s not just about offering iconic modes of transportation. Xanterra Travel Collection® is also committed to protecting and preserving our national parks. By incorporating eco-friendly practices and promoting responsible tourism, Xanterra is dedicated to preserving these natural wonders for future generations to enjoy.

As part of our commitment to provide Legendary Hospitality with a Softer Footprint®, Xanterra provides electric vehicle (EV) charging stations inside our parks. Since 2014, we have been partnering with the National Park Service (NPS) to provide this amenity for our guests. This not only benefits our guests who drive electric vehicles, but also aligns with our broader initiative to minimize our impact on the environment. So when you visit our parks, not only will you experience the beauty of nature, but also be part of our efforts to protect it.

Xanterra Travel Collection® currently offers Level 2 or higher chargers*, free for guest use with more on the way! Here are the number of charging stations hosted by Xanterra inside or near each of our national parks:


  • Cedar Creek Lodge (4 planned in 2024)
  • Glacier National Park Lodges – 2
  • Grand Canyon National Park Lodges – 10
  • The Grand Canyon Railway Hotel – 2
  • The Grand Hotel – 22 (including 12 Superchargers)
  • Mount Rushmore National Memorial – 6
  • The Oasis at Death Valley – 6 (2 more planned in 2024)
  • Yellowstone National Park Lodges – 9
  • Zion Lodge – 2
Relax and Recharge 1 Sunset in Grand Canyon National Park from Pima Point view point. Arizona. USA

As stewards of the most Beautiful Places on Earth®, we strive to reduce our environmental impact and provide sustainable choices for our guests. We recognize that EVs have a lower lifecycle environmental impact compared to traditional internal combustion vehicles, and this difference is even greater when powered by clean electricity. To support this, Xanterra has taken steps to produce or purchase renewable energy at some of our properties, as highlighted in our Green Power Partnership. Proving EV charging stations reduces our carbon footprint but also provides guests with sustainable options during their stay. We believe that every small step towards sustainability can make a big difference in preserving the natural beauty of our planet for future generations. So, we encourage all our guests to join us in this effort and choose greener options during their travels. Let’s work together towards a more sustainable future!

*DC fast chargers are also available in gateway communities near most of our national parks.