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  • Romancing the Park: Yellowstone

    Romancing the Park: Yellowstone

Intimate moments and private spots make Yellowstone a romantic wonderland — especially in winter

Many of us know Yellowstone National Park as an iconic spot for family vacations. But fewer might recognize that it’s also an ideal place for a romantic getaway — even in winter. Or maybe especially in winter.

That’s when the pace slows. The snow cover imposes a hush on the boundless landscape. And horizon-hugging sunsets and sunrises are even more spectacular.

Here are some suggestions for a memorable getaway for just the two of you.

Insider Tips for Enjoying Yellowstone in Winter

Take an Evening Spin Around an Ice Rink

Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel and Old Faithful Snow Lodge — the two hotels that remain open during Yellowstone’s mid-December to early March winter season — both have outdoor ice rinks. There’s no charge to use them and guests even get free skate rentals. Take a whirl under the stars, then retreat inside for a steamy mug of hot chocolate (or something stronger) and snuggle in front of a roaring fire.

Romancing the Park: Yellowstone

Glide into the Backcountry

Yellowstone is a marvelous spot for cross-country skiing, with trails for every skill level. You won’t even have to tote your own equipment to the park, since ski rentals are available at both Mammoth and Old Faithful. Pack a lunch and a thermos of hot drinks, then set off on one of the frequent shuttles departing from Mammoth Hot Springs to the Indian Creek cross country ski trails. Another shuttle ferries skiers from Old Faithful Snow Lodge. Nearby is the Lone Star Geyser Trail, a serene, five-mile round-trip route that hugs the Firehole River. It’s possible you’ll see Lone Star geyser erupt once you arrive at the end of the trail — and maybe not another soul, making it a perfect private moment à deux.

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Stargaze from Atop a Travertine Terrace

Here’s how one early visitor characterized the series of hot springs that cascade down a travertine hill a stone’s throw from Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel: “No human architect ever designed such intricate fountains as these. The water trickles over the edges from one to another, blending them together with the effect of a frozen waterfall.” After sunset, bundle up and take a stroll, hand-in-hand, along the boardwalks that wind among eye-popping geothermal features. Keep in mind that that the terraces are about a mile uphill from the hotel so be sure you’re in good shape and bring a flashlight. But on clear moonlit nights — even those with half or quarter moons — the snow’s reflection adds additional illumination to make the view of Old Faithful geyser magical. The only thing more dazzling is the sky full of shimmering stars, especially on clear moonless nights, with no light or air pollution to impair the view.

Warm up near a Bonfire

What could be more romantic than a roaring bonfire? Enjoy the after-dark fires at both Old Faithful and Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel for a special moment under the stars.

Historic Lodging in the National Parks 4

Check into the Historic Lake Yellowstone Hotel

The Colonial Revival lakefront beauty is arguably the most romantic of the park’s lodgings. But it’s only open from mid-May to early October. So book it as a Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift for a summer visit, when you can sit in front of a panoramic window in its gracious Sun Room, order a drink, and watch the sunset with your honey. Or cuddle on a lakeshore bench in front of the hotel. Afterward, enjoy a meal in its elegant dining room. Locally sourced fare includes bison tenderloin from Montana and trout from Idaho. A tinkling piano or a string quartet enhances the ambience during the summer.

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Get off the Beaten Path

Doing so in winter is as simple as strapping on a pair of trusty snowshoes (for rent at Mammoth and Old Faithful) and setting off into virgin territory. You’ll likely have it all to yourselves.

How to Explore

With nine unique lodging options, including the renowned historic Lake Yellowstone Hotel, Yellowstone National Park Lodges allows you to have the ultimate park experience. Staying in the park is the best way for visitors to experience all it has to offer, including the exciting wildlife watching. Once the day-visitors leave, Yellowstone remains for the in-park overnight guests alone. Yellowstone National Park Lodges offer tours and activities guided by Certified Interpretive Guides that help create memorable experiences. For more information on lodging, tours, and vacation packages, visit or call 307-344-7311.

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