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Think back to the best trip you’ve ever taken. What do you remember most about it? Was it finding the perfect place to watch the sunset? Did you take a tour that made you feel like you took a stroll through history? Are the big moments what you remember most, or is it the small things that stuck with you?

We live in a big world filled with beautiful places and an adventure around every corner. There’s so much to see, that it can be a challenge to choose where to go next. Luckily, the Xanterra Travel Collection® is here to help. To inspire a little wanderlust, we’re sharing our tips to get the best-of-the-best out of your next adventure. We’ve sought out extraordinary experiences in every landscape, from the vast Grand Canyon to the streets of Europe, all the way to the sandy beaches of Tahiti.

If you want to best, here’s where to get the best with Xanterra Travel Collection®.


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The Best Views – Grand Canyon National Park

Every traveler should experience at least one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, so we decided to start at the top — of the Grand Canyon, that is! So pack your bags and get ready to hike some of the park’s most scenic loops and discover incredible views. While visiting Grand Canyon National Park, be sure to stay somewhere that pays homage to the history and cultural significance of the land. You can’t go wrong when choosing between The Grand Canyon National Park LodgesThe Grand Hotel, and the Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel.

With dozens of viewpoints, the South Rim of the Grand Canyon offers rustic panoramas, swirling waters, mesmerizing rock formations, and endless natural architecture. Whether you’re looking for those iconic 360-degree views or the subtle beauty of nature, you’ll find it here. Some say it’s the little things that make the best trips. Others insist it’s the big moments. At the Grand Canyon, you can have both.

The Best Wildlife Spotting – Yellowstone National Park

Get your cameras ready — Yellowstone National Park is home to more than 200 species of animals and is the ultimate destination for any wildlife enthusiast. As one of the most famous protected areas in the world, this park covers over two million acres. If you’re only visiting for a short time, take advantage of the Yellowstone in a Day experience. During this tour, your guide will take you through the natural wonders while offering insight into the marvels of this national park.

There’s a lot to see here, from hiking trails to wide-open spaces, canyons, rivers, mountains, and wildlife — including America’s national mammal, the legendary bison! You’ll also find everything from eagles soaring high above to burly bears patrolling the grasslands. In fact, every day will be a different experience that will leave you speechless, especially when you wake up to wildlife. Start early, and don’t commit to a plan. Animals don’t follow a strict schedule, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself in a bit of bison-to-bison traffic!



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The Best Hiking – Zion National Park

If you’re looking for an adventure known for off-the-beaten-path trails and hidden gems, let us introduce you to Zion National Park. This must-see Utah destination is every hiker’s dream. A 146,000-acre park filled with uninterrupted beauty, Zion offers breathtaking and vibrant scenery and is home to more than 35 hiking trails and cliffs. The newly open Zion National Park Lodge is the ideal accommodation for someone looking to stay somewhere that compliments the uninterrupted and natural beauty of the outside surroundings. The word Zion is often used to describe a wonderful, perfect place — so it’s fitting that this incredible place bears this name.



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The Best Interpretive Tours – Glacier National Park

Sometimes, a little expert insight can take your journey to new heights. When it comes to interpretive tours, Glacier National Park and its famous Red Buses have everything you need. These vintage buses are as much a part of the park’s charm and scenery as the remarkable mountains themselves. Sit back and relax as your guides share their favorite parts of Glacier National Park with you. Their knowledge and expertise will paint a picture of the park that you’re sure to remember long after the tour is finished.


The Best Cruise Ports – Windstar

Do you dream of sailing the seven seas? Windstar can make that dream a reality! From Alaska to Australia, the Caribbean to Greece, Windstar Cruises offers an incredible way to “sea” the world. Their ships are smaller than most cruise lines, which means more unique experiences and personalized service. Of course, it also means they have access to the ports bigger ships simply can’t navigate — offering you the best of both land and sea. It’s time to take advantage of small ship cruising and join Windstar on one of their You Deserve It experiences as they take you to the intimate ports of the world. Whether it’s Scandinavia, Greece, Tahiti, Lisbon, Singapore, or the Gems of San Juan, each destination will make for a more personalized experience that you’re sure to cherish.



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The Best Golf – Oasis at Death Valley

If you’re thinking there’s no way there could be an oasis in a place called “Death Valley”, you’d be wrong! While this desert location does hold the record for being the hottest place on earth, the Oasis at Death Valley offers an experience like no other: a luxury resort in the middle of the desert.

Oasis at Death Valley is the perfect place to escape and unwind. But it’s not just the comforts that invite you in — it’s also the world-class golf. Home to the world’s lowest elevation golf course, Furnace Creek is a must-play for all golf enthusiasts, especially someone looking for a challenge. From the natural environment and pressure to potential surprise coyote sightings, you’ll have to keep a close eye on your golf ball at all times!



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The Best Train Adventures – Grand Canyon Railway

Let’s circle back to America’s favorite canyon. We’ve covered the views, the scenic hikes, the natural wonders — so let’s talk about the best way to explore this natural wonder. First, take in the National Park by train aboard the Grand Canyon Railway. Enjoy the astonishing, panoramic views of the South Rim from the comforts of your classic car train. Then, ride through the countryside on a nostalgic trip that explores the history of the Grand Canyon and the land that surrounds it.


The Best Adventure on Two Feet – Country Walkers

It’s time to take a walk — a long one! Explore the world at your pace with Country Walkers. They have been leading travelers through unique experiences and adventures on five continents for more than 40 years, offering insider knowledge and access to immersive cultural experiences. Their well-crafted itineraries, authentic accommodations, and experienced guides combine to make for premiere tours. Not only is walking a great way to meet other tourists, but you also get the chance to see details that you would usually pass by from the seat of a bus! There’s so much to discover when you take the time to wander through new cities and towns.



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The Best Adventure on Two Wheels – VBT

With VBT Bicycling Vacations, you’re not just another tourist. Climbing on a bike and making your way across the landscape, challenging yourself, meeting new people while seeing beautiful landscapes — a VBT vacation is definitely one-of-a-kind. Bicycle touring offers a chance to enjoy new itineraries while being physically active and allows you to see more by traveling farther. Fill your day with as many adventures as possible. It’s time to rediscover the incredible countries of Europe, or finally take that trip across North America. Yes, we love VBT, but don’t just take our word for it — they’ve been rated amongst the “World’s Best Tour Operators” by the readers of Travel + Leisure for eight years straight!


The Best Way to Connect with Local Culture – Holiday Vacations

When you think about discovering culture, where does your mind go? Is it touring the breathtaking scenery of Alaska? How about a historic, 10-day Nile River tour?  Every trip Is an opportunity to learn more, so be sure to savor every moment with Holiday Vacations. The best way to learn about the world is to travel. And with their professional and enlightening guided tours, they make it look easy. See the world’s greatest cities, taste the best flavors, and immerse yourself in remarkable culture. Known to arrange the most turnkey and unparalleled travel experiences, Holiday Vacations will handle all details. All you have to worry about is soaking up as much art, music, literature, and cultural treasures as possible during a stress-free vacation.



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The Best is Yet to Come

Xanterra Travel Collection® is its own world filled with so many “must-see” destinations. Let yourself be inspired by the best-of-the-best and start planning your next adventure today.

Where will you be traveling first?

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