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  • Sorry I Missed You...

    Sorry I Missed You…

Booked Your Vacation? You Need These Out of Office Messages

Booked your Vacation? Great, we can’t wait to see you! Let others know you’re heading away on the vacation of your dreams with one of these fun out-of-office messages:

Herd of Bison in a field

You’re Traveling to a National Park

Hey there,

I’m currently out of office, exploring the rugged, unspoiled beauty of [XANTERRA PARKS DESTINATION]. While my precise whereabouts are known only to birds, beasts, and the occasional Park Ranger, rest assured that work emails definitely will not find me here.

I won’t be returning to civilization until [RETURN DATE], so feel free to reach out to [NAME] at [EMAIL] if your request is urgent. And if you still haven’t heard from me by [1 WEEK AFTER RETURN DATE], send help!


Twi cruise ships anchored on a beautiful day.

You’ve Booked a Cruise

Ahoy there!

Thanks for your email! It might be a while before I get back to you — I’ve traded in my to-do list for a bucket list, and am busy exploring the coast of [REGION/LOCATION] on a yacht-style Windstar cruise. While I have incredibly easy access to wifi aboard the ship, rest assured that I will not be using it for work purposes. Like, at all.

I will be returning to work on [RETURN DATE]. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to [NAME] at [EMAIL] if your request is urgent. And if your request isn’t urgent, might I suggest taking this opportunity to plan a little getaway of your own? The view from the deck looks pretty good from here…


Two women walking through a green landscape

You’re Hitting the Trails

Hi there!

I’m currently getting blissfully lost on the meandering roads and footpaths of [REGION/LOCATION] on a Country Walkers tour, which means it could be some time before I’m able to respond to your email. (Until [RETURN DATE], to be exact.)

If your request is urgent, please reach out to my colleague [NAME] at [EMAIL]. But honestly, what’s your hurry? If traveling on foot teaches you anything, it’s that life is sweeter when you savor it.


VBT Bicycling Vacations

You’re Exploring on Two Wheels

Hey — don’t you just love it when you send someone an email and get an immediate response? Sadly, this is not one of those times. 

I’m currently out-of-office, experiencing the incomparable beauty of [REGION/LOCATION] on a VBT bicycling tour. If your request is urgent, please reach out to [NAME] at [EMAIL], otherwise I’ll get back to you upon my return on [RETURN DATE]

Happy trails!


P.S. If this swift auto-responder gave you false hope, know that I am here for you. Well, not really. Really I’m in [REGION/LOCATION], exploring the world on two wheels. But you get the idea.