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  • Classic panoramic view of male hiker standing at famous Zabriskie Point viewpoint in beautiful golden evening light at sunset in summer, Death Valley National Park, California, USA

    Sunrises & Sunsets In Our Unforgettable Destinations

One of the best reasons to visit our unique locations is to catch the sunrise somewhere new.

There are countless reasons to visit Xanterra’s unforgettable destinations this fall: spectacular waterfalls, lush forests, and of course, wonderful wildlife. But one of the best reasons to visit our unique locations is to catch the sunrise somewhere new, or to marvel at a colorful sunset whilst in nature. Golden hour dazzles, from the golden glow of the sun rising through the Grand Canyon, to the beautiful cotton candy skies over Yellowstone National Park. Whether you’re looking for a romantic spot to watch the sunset with your sweetheart, or an adventurous place to share a sunrise with friends and family, you’ll be sure to see something special at these locations:



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Grand Canyon, South Rim

The South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park offers great views of the canyon as well as some of the historical buildings that have been around since the 1920s. The Cape Royal Lookout was built by President Herbert Hoover, and at Kolb Studio you can learn about Ellsworth and Emery Kolb, a pair of brothers who pioneered outdoor and nature photography. But where can you go to watch a perfect sunset?



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Pima Point
There are many breathtaking views to take in around the Grand Canyon, and if catching a magnificent sunset is on your list, head over to Pima Point. This cliff provides a wonderful vantage point to observe the shadows the sun makes as it travels across the sky. The overlook on the northernmost corner of Pima Point lets you gaze 40 miles into the distance, all the way to the Great Scenic Divide to the west. You can catch views of Powell Plateau and glimpse Bright Angel Canyon to the east. From Pima Point you’ll also be able to see Cope Butte, Monument Creek, and Travertine Canyon, making this one of the most bewitching places in the canyon with several of its most visited landmarks on display while you watch the sun go down.



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Hopi Point
Perhaps one of the most popular places to catch a sunset whilst in the Grand Canyon is Hopi Point. Here you can visibly see significant portions of the Western Grand Canyon, including panoramic views of Havasupai Point as well as the Great Scenic Divide. It also features terrific views of the canyon below, where you can watch a variety of Colorado River rapids. Given how legendary the sunsets are here, Hopi Point can draw quite a crowd in the evening. Make sure to arrive early so you can grab a prime viewing spot!



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Death Valley National Park

Located on the California and Nevada border, you’ll be sure to experience some unique sunrises and sunsets in Death Valley National Park. In terms of the best time to catch the sun, May through October are the sunniest months, so you can expect longer sunsets and spectacular sunrises this fall. To catch a glimpse of an other-worldly desert sunrise or sunset, consider these locations:



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Mesquite Dunes
Sand, wind, and dramatic mountains are the perfect combination to create a mesmerizing sunrise. The Mesquite Dunes are known for their dramatic shadows at sunrise and sunset, as the sun makes the ripples and edges of the dunes stand out in greater contrast. This spot is also a great place to hang out after sunset and observe Death Valley’s famed dark night skies.



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Dantes View
Located in the Black Mountains at approximately 5,476 feet, this is the perfect place to get up high in Death Valley during sundown. From here you can appreciate the lowest point in North America at Bad Water Basin. For your safety, consider driving up the mountain to Dante’s viewpoint rather than hiking it at night. This spot is favored by photographers, and although the area is well visited, it is still easy to find a quiet spot to peacefully admire the sun going down.



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Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is one of the most beloved national parks in the United States and is home to several unique geothermal features, iconic wildlife, and of course, unforgettable sunrises and sunsets.



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Mt. Washburn
If you’re a morning person, pack your bags and head over to the highest peak in Yellowstone and catch the sunrise at Mt. Washburn. This 6.4-mile loop hike will take you all the way to the lookout tower at the top. On a clear day, you can see for 50 miles from this vantage point. Mt. Washburn is one of the most popular day hikes in Yellowstone, but few tourists head up in the early morning, so you’re likely to enjoy the sunrise in solitude. The 360-degree views of the day’s first light coming up over the mountains, geothermal pools, and wildlife-filled valleys of Yellowstone is sure to be an unforgettable experience.


Firehole Lake Drive
This 2-mile drive takes you on a magnificent scenic trip past amazing geysers, hot springs, and even a hot cascading waterfall. Take a sunset drive to Firehole Lake for stunning views of the sun setting as it reflects in the Great Fountain Geyser pool. Make sure to take a walk around the boardwalk that surrounds the lake as you take in the sunset—at the end of the trail you’ll find Hot Cascades, a waterfall of hot water that flows from Black Warrior into Hot Lake. There’s not a wrong way to take in the geothermal features of Yellowstone but doing it while the sky changes colors creates an impressive backdrop for the Lower Geyser Basin that is not to be missed!


Windstar Cruises

Itching to chase the sun outside of the United States? One of the best ways to see a sunrise or sunset from a new angle is by taking a cruise to the Mediterranean. This historical region is full of interesting and beautiful places to visit, which makes it an excellent destination for those who want to see a gorgeous sunrise against the world’s most remarkable scenery.



Icons of the Ancient World: Greece & Israel
Imagine all of the stunning sights you’ll be able to appreciate on an eight day journey along the eastern Mediterranean harbors and coastlines of Greece, Cyprus, and Israel. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time as you make your way through the temples and amphitheaters on Delos, a land full of mythology and enshrined in history. Not only will you be able to follow in Jesus’s footsteps, you’ll also be able to capture the same sunrises he saw as you make your way through Gethsemane to Bethlehem.



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Romance Cruise Tour
Embark on the Italian Odyssey of a lifetime, traveling from Cernobbio to Rome. Indulge in delicious Italian cuisine, roman stories, and Baroque relics on a trip that combines Lake Como and Venice, plus an extensive cruise through Italy’s west coast. You’ll experience dazzling Mediterranean sunsets, all while enjoying top notch service courtesy of Windstar Cruises’ incredible team.


VBT Bicycling Vacations & Country Walkers

If you’re craving a more intimate getaway where you can connect with nature and like-minded explorers, then set out on a European adventure with VBT Bicycling Vacations and Country Walkers. Both offer a variety of trips to various European destinations, and you’ll be able to witness dawn and dusk at your own pace while being fully immersed in the local culture and making personal connections with the wonderful people who live there.


The Serra de Tramuntana, (Spanish: Sierra de Tramontana) is a mountain range running southwest–northeast which forms the northern backbone of the Spanish island of Mallorca. It is also the name given to the comarca of the same area. On 27 June 2011, the Tramuntana Range was awarded World Heritage Status by UNESCO as an area of great physical and cultural significance.

The Serra de Tramuntana, Mallorca

Explore Spain With VBT  Bicycling Vacations
Imagine what sights you’ll able to appreciate as you tour the Balearic Islands, Mallorca, and Ses Salines on a guided group tour with VBT Bicycling Vacations. Take in a gorgeous sunrise by the turquoise Mediterranean waters, or a dramatic sunset alongside the Tramuntana mountains. Bike through wetlands, emerald farmlands and vineyards, rice fields, and olive groves. The only thing that makes this trip better is the opportunity to cycle through small coastal villages with ancient farming traditions, past unique honey-stoned buildings and breathtaking mountains and valleys which perfectly frame the sun as it sets in the horizon.


The Cairngorms, Britain's largest National Park, are the UK's most comprehensive series of high mountains, with a vast, tundra-like wilderness plateau girt with majestic corries at its centre. The lovely valleys of the Rivers Spey and Dee encircle it, each running through breathtaking scenery of ancient Caledonian pinewoods abounding with animals. The best-known centre is Aviemore, which is joined by the minor villages of Kingussie, Newtonmore, and Grantown-on-Spey, all of which are adjacent to or on the River Spey.

The Cairngorms, Scotland

Scotland with Country Walkers
This spectacular walking tour will take you on an immersive experience into the astounding diversity of Scotland’s famous Highlands. Make your way through one of Europe’s last great wildernesses and hike the river valley of Speyside, trek the mountain setting of Cairngorms National Park, and follow the famous Great Glen Way to the fabled lakeside of Loch Ness. As you make your way through history, legend, and nature, you’ll wander through tranquil farmland, pristine woodlands, and the Highland’s famous moors. Picture yourself as the ruler of this rugged land as you watch the sun rise over Medieval castles. Perhaps you’ll be able to catch the sun as it sets once you reach the summit of Morrone, giving you a magnificent view of dusk over the Cairngorms Mountains.



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Chase the Sun to Your Next Adventure

Our destinations are a treasure trove of natural wonders that are sure to keep you captivated during your excursions. There’s no better way to experience these impressive landscapes than with a sunrise hike or a picnic during sunset. There’s so much to explore in this wide world, so get out there and chase the sunrise with an adventure in Europe alongside Country Walkers, or sail into the sunset with Windstar. Take advantage of your vacations days this fall and chase the sun to your next destination.