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  • Amazing African Adventures to Have Right Now

    The Best African Safari for Every Interest

It may seem obvious, but it bears repeating: Africa is big.

A behemoth on the map, it could comfortably fit the United States, China, India, and all of western Europe within its borders. With a population of over 1.2 billion, it hosts a dazzling 2,100 languages. Hoping to take the grand tour? The distance from Cape Town to Cairo is almost 4,500 miles as the marabou stork flies…though Google Maps helpfully points out that the most direct driving route is over 6,200 miles (they helpfully point out: “This route has tolls”).

It’s clear why travelers find it so difficult to decide where to travel here. From Namibia’s trackless deserts to Tanzania’s endless plains, there are countless destinations to explore, cultures to discover, and animals to spot. How to choose? We’re here to help.

Rather than presenting a comprehensive, kitchen-sink collection of every elephant wallow, baobab, and game reserve on the continent, we have carefully curated four unique experiences—each showcasing the best of one country or region. Deciding where to go is as simple as sharing your interests. We can even help you find the perfect extension to add to your trip!

Victoria Falls

The Destination: Victoria Falls

Perfect for: Thrill seekers, birders

The View: The world’s largest waterfall, sending a mountain of water tumbling 355 feet into a misty gorge

Wildlife Highlights: Eagles soaring through nearby gorges on rising thermals

Go Deeper: Enjoy an optional sundowner cruise on the Zambezi River.

A wide picture of Clifton Beach in Cape Town, South Africa at late afternoon in a beautiful sunset. Colorful and satured taken with a Canon 6D.

The Destination: South Africa

Perfect for: Families, foodies, garden fans, first-time travelers to Africa

The View: Sophisticated gardens and museums, genteel wine country, and thrilling game drives

Wildlife Highlights: Lions, leopards, and the rest of the Big Five witnessed in Kruger National Park

Go Deeper: Encounter the Cape’s distinct floral kingdom—unlike any other in the world—in Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

The banks of the Lower Zambezi, Africa

The Destination: Zambia

Perfect for: Dedicated wilderness walkers, off-the-beaten-path explorers

The View: Lush floodplains alive with huge herds of game, remote camps, hardwood forests

Wildlife Highlights: The rare Thornicroft’s giraffe, spotted while walking in the South Luangwa Valley

Go Deeper: Connect with local communities just outside the National Park while visiting the village and schools of Mfuwe

African Elephant bull drinking on the Zambezi river at sunset

The Destination: Zimbabwe

Perfect for: Intrepid wildlife fans

The Experience: Hidden side canyons near Victoria Falls, undiscovered parks deep in the wilderness, canoeing between islands on the Zambezi River

Wildlife Highlights: Elephants in abundance guzzling water by Hwange’s water holes

Go Deeper: Discover the fascinating history of Africa’s Cape-to-Cairo rail line as you ride it through Hwange’s backcountry

How to Explore

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