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    Xanterra’s Best Tour Experiences

Let's highlight some of the best Xanterra Travel Collection® tours of the year.

With a legacy of equal parts hospitality and unforgettable destinations, Xanterra allows travelers to choose from a collection of award-winning tours that inspire wanderlust and foster connections between like-minded explorers. You might be wondering, why choose a tour at all? The answer is easy. Xanterra Travel Collection® tours let you see and do everything at each destination with one convenient itinerary. Plus, each tour will enrich your travel, taking you off the beaten path to hidden areas you might miss on your own. Escape from popular spots full of tourists and chase your sense of adventure to parts unknown. Now, onto this year’s tour highlights, bringing you to some of the greatest spots around the world.

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Xanterra's Best Tour Experiences

Discover A New Path with Country Walkers

Put one foot in front of the other, step through international destinations, and unleash your inner globetrotter with Country Walkers. For over 40 years, the Vermont-based tour company has been providing world-class walking and hiking tours, immersing avid travelers in local cultures and traditions across the globe. With years of experience comes the guarantee that you’ll explore all the must-see areas of each destination, whether popular hotspots or hidden gems. Set your own pace with self-guided walking tours or make new connections while traveling the world with a group tour led by local experts. 

Country Walkers’ fantastic tour opportunities are seemingly endless, with epic worldwide adventures. Among our favorites? Hikers trekking through unbelievable European landscapes, including sweeping fjords and other natural Scandinavian wonders, on a Norwegian tour. And this tour of Irish coastal towns, full of emerald coastlines and deep blue waters, was another highlight for this year’s travelers. No matter your path, Country Walkers provides the planning expertise to create an unforgettable trip of a lifetime.

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Keep the Adventure Wheels Turning with VBT

Since 1971, VBT Bicycling Vacations has encouraged adventurers to “travel like a local” while exploring the world at their own pace. These tours are perfect for all travelers, offering comprehensive itineraries that match every comfort level. Choose from numerous dream destinations and pedal or e-bike — whichever you prefer — through awe-inspiring international landscapes. Traveling by bicycle provides a unique window into every site you visit, whether serene countryside or bustling city streets, while heightening all your senses as you go. And with VBT, you won’t miss a thing, with seemingly infinite opportunities to see the world through an unmatched collection of thoughtful tours created by true industry experts.

This year, travelers embarked on a breathtaking journey through Arizona’s sprawling Saguaro National Park and the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. European experience-seekers biked their way through Croatia’s unbelievable Dalmatian Islands along the dazzling Adriatic coastline. These scenic tours only scratch the surface of what’s possible with VBT. If you’re looking for an up close and unforgettable ride, look no further.


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By Land, by Sea, by Air—Explore the World With Holiday Vacations

Holiday Vacations is ready to take you on a dream trip with fully planned itineraries guided by expert tour directors. For over 50 years, they have been helping adventurers and wanderers explore the world with comprehensive and inclusive packages. When planning where you’ll go, you have plenty of options with 65 dream destinations. Plus, each package features different modes of transportation—motorcoach, van, air, rail, or sea—that let you see the world from every perspective. Holiday Vacations has become a pillar in the tourism world, building a reputation that keeps travelers of all experience levels coming back for more. Maybe it’s time to find out why. 

Some of the most popular Holiday Vacations tours saw explorers travel through worldwide destinations by water thanks to a captivating collection of Riverboat Cruises. Other jet-setting adventurers traveled to exotic locales like Tanzania’s Serengeti, the Pyramids in Egypt, and other natural and man-made wonders with Exotic Adventures. To find your dream vacation, join Holiday Vacations and let industry experts guide you on a trip that will stay with you forever. 

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Xanterra's Best Tour Experiences 6

If you’re ready to start planning your next extraordinary vacation, we’ve got plenty of options to consider. There’s only one question: where will you go first?