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  • Xanterra’s Most Romantic Locations

    Xanterra’s Most Romantic Locations

Looking for some inspiration for your next romantic getaway?

Whether planning a special Valentine’s Day, celebrating an anniversary, a honeymoon, or dreaming of a destination wedding, we’ve got you covered with Xanterra Travel Collection®’s most romantic locations!

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Till Death Valley Do Us Part

Dramatic desert landscapes, lush gardens, and star-filled skies make The Oasis at Death Valley the ideal location for romance. Imagine a pink morning glow above the mountains, quiet moments among rustling palms, and gazing at the sparkling night skies, a welcome escape from the distractions of everyday city lights. The serene surroundings of Death Valley National Park offer a true oasis for a romantic destination wedding. 

Toast to your love on the Stargazer’s Terrace with panoramic views of the Xanadu Gardens. Stay at the newly renovated, four diamond Inn and exchange vows at the enchanting Mission Gardens. Surrounded by vibrant blooms, towering palm trees, and charming adobe walls, your wedding will be an exquisite and unique celebration to share your love with family and friends.

Fine dining options, gorgeous accommodations, and unique ceremony spaces make The Oasis at Death Valley the perfect place for your special day.

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Gotta Love the Grand Canyon

A trip to the Grand Canyon is an experience like none other, providing a truly one-of-a-kind and romantic setting with its awe-inspiring vistas. Miles of views await you, creating the perfect backdrop for your special moment.

Book a stay at El Tovar Hotel, located directly on the South Rim, and make your memories truly unforgettable with a room that offers breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon. Winter guests can cozy up by the fireplace in the lobby, while warmer months offer the opportunity to take in the views from your private balcony or the shaded north porch. A must-do when staying at El Tovar? Head upstairs to the “secret spot” and experience some spectacular scenery.

For many, sunrise and sunset are the most romantic moments of the day. The Grand Canyon is the perfect place to savor these moments with your loved one. Get an early start to the day and experience the Canyon turning shades of pink and purple as the sun soars above the horizon. Or watch the sky transform from a deep blue to glowing orange as the sun slowly disappears below the landscape. Whether sunrise or sunset, embrace the magical moment, just the two of you. 

See Grand Canyon National Park in a new light on a hike through the beautiful landscapes. Be prepared for many “oohs” and “aahs” as you take in your sweeping sandstone surroundings. You’ll find one of the most romantic spots in the park at the Yavapai Geology Museum’s grand bay window, showing off an incredible panoramic view of the Canyon.

For one of the Grand Canyon’s most memorable experiences, take a journey aboard the Grand Canyon Railway. Make your anniversary or special date unforgettable and celebrate by riding in the Luxury Dome, complete with an elegant lounge, a sparkling toast, and expansive views through the full-length windows. For an especially exclusive experience, book a private Rail Baron Charter for an incredible journey you will remember for years to come.

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Insider Tips for Enjoying Yellowstone in Winter

Adventure Into The Heart of Yellowstone

Discover the magic of the world’s first national park, Yellowstone. Adventures and activities happen year-round, but winter delivers a more intimate experience. 

Log columns, crackling fireplaces, and freshly fallen snow create an idyllic setting for romance at Old Faithful Snow Lodge. For some classic winter fun, you’ll find an outdoor skating rink just outside the lobby. Take a spin on the ice with your loved one and create unforgettable memories or snuggle up next to an outdoor bonfire with a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Looking for adventure with your sweetheart? Yellowstone offers fantastic hiking and snowshoeing tours. Bundle up and explore the frosty woods, spot some wildlife, and breathe in the crisp winter air.

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France Is For Romance

It’s full of history, and there’s passion in the air — France is undoubtedly a destination for romance. Stroll hand in hand through rolling vineyards on a Country Walkers tour through the South of France. Or start in Nice and make your way along the “sunset coast”, showcasing hillside villages, impressive villas, and charming gardens.

If you’re looking for an especially unique experience, why not explore France on a biking tour with VBT Bicycling Vacations? All activity levels are welcome. Whether you are an avid rider or beginner, your guide has the perfect biking experience for you! Cruise through one of Europe’s most charming pockets and cycle along scenic rivers and past villages, forests, and castles. Or travel to the heart of Beaujolais wine country and pedal through vineyards, explore prehistoric sites, and indulge in fine Chardonnays at a stop in the village where white wine got its name.

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Sun, Sea, and Romance

What better place to reconnect and rekindle than a Pacific paradise? Celebrate your love in beautiful Hawaii with Holiday Vacations. Hawaii paints the perfect picture for a romantic vacation: serene, luscious landscapes, sparkling blue waters, and white sand beaches. If you’re looking for an opportunity to get away and relax with the person you love, you’ll find solitude and tranquility touring Hawaii’s islands.

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Sail Away With Your Sweetheart

Make some waves on a getaway for two with Windstar Cruises — voted “World’s Most Romantic Cruise Line” by readers of Porthole Cruise Magazine. Escape to the Mediterranean and let yourself be swept away by the romance and beauty of the region. Discover ancient castles in Greece that will transport you to a different era or wander the warm sandy beaches and hidden gems of Portugal, Spain, and Morocco. For the ultimate romantic experience, sail through the islands of French Polynesia and discover the magic of Tahiti

Traveling with the person you love is a wonderful way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with one another. At Xanterra Travel Collection®, we understand the importance of creating romantic memories with your loved one, that’s why we offer a diverse range of destinations to suit your relationship. Whether you’re looking for an alpine adventure, a tropical island escape, or a romantic getaway in a historic town, we have the perfect location for you. Start planning your romantic getaway today and let us help you create unforgettable memories with your sweetheart.

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