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  • Best of Xanterra - Guide Roundup Blog

    Best of Xanterra – Guide Roundup Blog

Our Best Guides of The Year

Here at Xanterra Travel Collection®, we’re always moving forward — to new adventures, destinations, and experiences. But sometimes, to move forward, you need to look back. As this year comes to a close, we’re reflecting on our favorite destinations of the past year, along with the unforgettable experiences and memories that came with them.

Maybe you’re here to look back with us, or maybe you’re looking to be inspired for your next adventure. Either way, these guides have been created in a thoughtful and inspiring way. The desire to travel is stronger than ever, so let’s start dreaming of your next adventure together as we unpack these best-of-the-best travel guides.

Twi cruise ships anchored on a beautiful day. Anytime is the Right Time to Take a Vacation Hiking the Grand Canyon
3 Perfect Days: The Oasis at Death Valley

Unforgettable: Unplugged. Xanterra’s Digital Detox Guide

It only makes sense to start off with Xanterra’s Digital Detox Guide. Let’s face it, in a time arguably ruled by technology, it’s easy to get caught up in digital life. Of course, social media does a great job of making it seem like you’re really there. You can practically smell the salt in the air as you watch videos of travelers walking on the sandy beaches of Tahiti. Your stomach drops when you see adventurists taking on the white-water rapids of the Grand Canyon. The stars look so bright at Zion National Park… but how bright are they, really?

Is seeing the world from behind a screen enough for you?

Enjoy the disconnected experience and embrace a journey filled with freedom and discovery. You don’t need to go far to unplug — taking a step away from your everyday surroundings is enough! If going on a long vacation without your phone feels too scary, start off by powering down your devices during a weekend getaway. If you focus on being present wherever you go, you’re sure to find that every part of this world is filled with wonder.

The last thing on your mind as you look out over the ridge of the Grand Canyon will be your email. Your slack notifications will be a distant memory as you stargaze in Death Valley or wander through Provence’s Lavender Country with Country Walkers. As you sail off into the Sunset with Windstar Cruises, the only service you’ll need is the personalized service from the crew! When you experience life at its fullest and in the moment, plugging in won’t be on your mind.

Dos & Don'ts of Reserving a National Park Stay 1 Going Big Sky at Glacier National Park Rooms with a View: The Best Grand Canyon Lodging
How to Plan a Grand Canyon Vacation - Part II

Come & Stay A While: Xanterra Accommodations Guide

As we near a new year, we’re eagerly looking ahead to our next escape. To see cities with our own eyes and experience new and exciting destinations with the ones we love. But how can we look back at past adventures we’ve taken and not include the places we once called home-away-from-home in the Xanterra Accommodations Guide?

You may have heard of Old Faithful, but have you ever felt the rush as it erupts up close and personal? You can when you stay at the Old Faithful Inn. One of the most famous buildings in Yellowstone National Park, this log and stone icon has stood overlooking Old Faithful for more than a century. Here, surrounded by miles and miles of historic landmarks, you’ll soak up a lifetime’s worth of ambiance and wildlife.

Speaking of wildlife, there’s nothing quite like wandering through the endless acres of landscape found within Glacier National Park. It’s hard to convey the emotions you’ll feel as you pull back the curtains of the Many Glacier Hotel to uncover the glass-like, reflective water and breathtaking mountain peaks.

Even when we travel, it’s comforting to be reminded of things that make you feel at home. It is, after all, the small details that matter. Whether it’s a quaint inn or an extraordinary resort suite, cozy or elegant, hidden gems or famous historic sights, Xanterra’s accommodations are built from the heart and complement the surroundings of each location.

Best of Xanterra - Guide Roundup Blog 1 Best of Xanterra - Guide Roundup Blog 2 Best of Xanterra - Guide Roundup Blog 4
Best of Xanterra - Guide Roundup Blog 3

A Taste for Travel: Xanterra Recipe Guide

Let’s dig into the guide that celebrates food that has won over hearts (and stomachs) worldwide. Of course, we all enjoy traveling, experiencing new cultures, and being a part of something new. But it’s not all about seeing — it’s also about tasting.

From the iconic Roosevelt Baked Beans of Yellowstone to the Oasis at Death Valley’s house-baked date bread and the El Tovar Salmon Tostada of Grand Canyon, this guide serves up more than just recipes. It offers insight into the culture behind the dish, a look at its history, and why these dishes were selected. This guide is more than a cookbook. It’s a story. You may even find a few delicious cocktail recipes that are known to be enjoyed on the deck of a Windstar Cruise!

Food is an essential aspect of traveling. It’s more than just fuel. It’s an expression of culture and individuality. Have you really experienced New Orleans without enjoying a Chicory Beignet in the French Quarter? What is a family gathering in Georgia without sitting around a table enjoying Uncle Steve’s Low Country Boil? And don’t get us started on cycling through Vermont without stopping for a Maple Cream Pie!

There are so many culinary destinations to choose from for the foodie traveler, and we all know that deciding where to eat can be overwhelming. But fear not, because we know where to look, and this guide will take you through the best tastes of Xanterra.

Windstar Cruises photoshoot onboard Wind Surf, in Mallorca Spain with Connie and Donato, Michael Nalley. Two cruise ships off a colorful coast Love Is in the Air: Tempting Romantic Getaways

Welcome to Windstar Cruises: The Unforgettable Guide to Cruising

How could we pull together a best-of-the-best guide collection and not include the best adventures on water? Add extra excitement to your future travels and cruise your way to unforgettable destinations. Explore the small towns of Alaska, the warm waters of the South Pacific, the inviting beaches and rich culture of the Caribbean, or the rugged beauty of the West Coast — no destination is too far out of reach with Windstar Cruises.

When you cruise with Windstar, you’ll feel like more than just another guest — you’ll be part of a community. Their small ships offer a more intimate and personalized experience, allowing them to carry you to places larger ships simply can’t reach. Hidden gems and tucked away ports, out-of-the-way beaches, and narrow river canals — this is what awaits you with Windstar.

This guide will transport you onboard, visualizing what each day could look like as you travel the world with Windstar. Allow yourself to daydream about waking up to fresh ocean air, awe-inspiring sunsets, and paradises unknown. You’ll spend each day sipping and savoring the local flavors while taking in an excursion or two! Build your day the way you like it, all while knowing every little detail is being taken care of.

Stock photograph of a family with one child looking at view in Grand Canyon National Park, South Rim, USA on a sunny day. mature female hiker enjoying the view on the soutern rim of the Grand Canyon Sweeping view of the Grand Canyon at dusk.
The Grand Canyon’s Centennial Celebration in 2019

The Unforgettable Guide to the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is nothing less than breathtaking. One of the world’s most iconic attractions, it’s a place where the landscape feels more like a dreamscape. But, this is more than a destination to show up for a selfie and leave — this National Park deserves to be explored and appreciated.

The spectrum of colors and enormous rock formations seem to defy logic here. No matter how many photos you’ve seen or videos you’ve watched, nothing compares to experiencing this Natural Wonder of the World firsthand.

Of course, while the Canyon is the main attraction, there’s plenty more to see here. This park is home to many iconic attractions and cultural experiences. This guide takes you through the best places to visit, all while giving you the inside scoop on the best places to stay! While staying at the Grand Canyon Lodges, you can choose from six distinct experiences, all offering a unique perspective, showcasing different qualities of the Grand Canyon. So whether you decide to stay at the off-the-beaten-path Phantom Ranch below the canyon rim, the iconic El Tovar Hotel, in the historically acclaimed Bright Angel Cabins, or any other Grand Canyon accommodation, you’re never more than a few steps from something incredible.

Rustic. Elegant. Cozy. These are just a few words that describe the remarkable accommodations of the Grand Canyon National Park. From cabins and ranches to modern hotels — history seems to come alive at every turn here. Come and stay a while because we’ve got places that are on everyone’s bucket list.

The world is out there waiting for you to discover it — and these guides are sure to help! Ready to start planning for your next adventure or looking for more inspiration? Explore the Best of Xanterra today.