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    Xanterra’s Best Adventure Experiences

We have rounded up some of our most exhilarating experiences to help you choose your own adventure.

Calling all adventure seekers and wanderlust enthusiasts! You’re invited to discover A World of Unforgettable Experiences® with the Xanterra Travel Collection®. We have rounded up some of our most exhilarating experiences to help you choose your own adventure. You might be inspired to visit somewhere new or return to an old favorite — either way, we can’t wait to see where you go next.

4 Fabulous Western Train Vacations 1 Steam Engine Train How to Plan a Grand Canyon Vacation - Part I
Three people stand in front of a train

All Aboard for Non-Stop Entertainment

Experience excitement and adventure when you take a historic ride on the Grand Canyon Railway! But be warned: this is not your ordinary train ride; you can expect exhilarating entertainment even before you board. Every morning before the train departs, the Cataract Creek Gang squares off with the Marshal at the Williams Depot. Keep your eyes peeled for the cowboys during your train ride — they’re known to attempt a train robbery or two. You can also expect to be serenaded during your journey. The Train’s live musicians make for the perfect soundtrack to pair with the breathtaking views en route to the Grand Canyon.

Twi cruise ships anchored on a beautiful day. Love Is in the Air: Tempting Romantic Getaways Two cruise ships off a colorful coast

The Best At Sea and On Land

Windstar Cruises is your way to extraordinary adventures. Windstar connects you to the heart of local cultures with their carefully curated shore excursions. Each shore excursion has been personally vetted by the Product Development Team to ensure it meets Windstar’s high standards of enjoyment. You can dive into the deep end of regional culture with local guides who share insider highlights you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re into history, savoring the local flavors, or an outdoor enthusiast — with more than 2,000 excursions to choose from, you can experience each destination in whatever way is most adventurous to you.

Classic panoramic view of male hiker standing at famous Zabriskie Point viewpoint in beautiful golden evening light at sunset in summer, Death Valley National Park, California, USA Rippling sand dunes at sunset Nearby and Far Out: 7 Domestic Vacations That Feel a World Away
5 Death Valley Hikes That Should Be on Your Bucket List Now 1

Explore the Death Valley Floor

Venture deep into the desert to The Oasis at Death Valley, arguably the most uniquely situated resort in the United States. During your stay, saddle up for a horseback ride down to the floor of the valley for a unique desert adventure. Make your way to The Furnace Creek Stables, located at The Ranch at Death Valley, and choose from their one and two-hour horseback riding tours. Transport yourself back in time for a taste of what the pioneers experienced on a one-hour ride through the valley. Then, travel to the foothills of Funeral Mountains and take in views of the valley below. If you visit just before or after the full moon, you can head off into the quiet night on a moonlight ride and watch your shadow follow you over the salt flats and through the mesquite groves.

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National Parks: A Perfect Vacation for All Ages 1

Ride the Famous Red Buses

Start your Glacier National Park adventure with a Red Bus Tour, the perfect way to see and learn more about the breathtaking park. An integral part of the history and heritage of Glacier, the Red Buses have been touring the park since 1914 and are regarded as the world’s oldest touring fleet of vehicles. With roll-back tops, you will be delighted by full views of the park’s signature Big Sky and the towering mountain surroundings. With a seasoned park veteran as your guide, there’s no better way to learn about the region while taking in all of its natural beauty.

Four Great Ways to See the Grand Canyon How the Waste Was Won Rock on with the Grand Canyon Railway! 1
How to Plan a Grand Canyon Vacation - Part III

World-Famous Mule Rides

Channel your adventurous side with a mule ride in Grand Canyon National Park, a world-famous experience that has been around since 1887. Horses may be iconic to the American West, but at the Grand Canyon, the equine of choice has been the mule, with the sure-footedness of a burro and the strength of a horse. Choose from the two-hour Canyon vista mule ride, and take in captivating views of Grand Canyon National Park while traveling along the rim of the canyon. Or, for an even bigger adventure, go on an overnight ride to Phantom Ranch. This ride goes deep into the canyon for the most unique and rewarding Grand Canyon adventure.

Shh! Secrets of Yellowstone 1 The Joys of Working at Yellowstone How Yellowstone’s Wildlife Adapts to Winter
Old Faithful Geyser at Yellowstone National Park erupts at sunset.

Take a Ride Back in Time

In the early days at Yellowstone National Park, before cars and tour buses, visitors relied on a different kind of transportation—the stagecoach. Yellowstone Stagecoaches are a timeless tradition kept alive in the park to this day and were specially designed with forward-facing seats in an open cab so guests could revel in the breathtaking scenery. Get into the pioneer spirit while learning about the history of the area for an authentic Western experience in a horse-led stagecoach adventure. It’s time to discover, or rediscover, the magic of the world’s first national park.

Jeep on safari 4 Experiences that Highlight the Pleasures of Safaris Canoe Safari Africa
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Serengeti Safari Adventure

Soak up some of the most spectacular views in Africa on the Tanzania Safari Adventure with Holiday Vacations and enjoy an unparalleled guided travel experience. This guided tour will take you through wildlife refuges in Amboseli National Park, Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti National Park, and Lake Manyara in specially designed land cruisers. You will have endless photo opportunities, from the amazing animals to gorgeous African landscapes and Mount Kilimanjaro. For an authentic African safari adventure look no further, it’s sure to be the trip of a lifetime.

Twi cruise ships anchored on a beautiful day. Classic panoramic view of male hiker standing at famous Zabriskie Point viewpoint in beautiful golden evening light at sunset in summer, Death Valley National Park, California, USA Steam Engine Train
National Parks: A Perfect Vacation for All Ages 1

Start Planning

What are you waiting for? Choose which destination speaks to you and start planning your next great adventure with the best of Xanterra Travel Collection®. Eager for even more best-of content? Check out The Best Luxury Travel Experiences in the Xanterra Travel Collection®, Xanterra’s Best Hikes, and our Best of Xanterra Travel Guide Roundup.