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Plan a Culinary Getaway

Explore All the Ways to Whet Your Appetite with
the Xanterra Travel Collection.

Do you consider yourself a foodie? Do you plan your vacations around great meals? Do you have a taste for epicurean adventure? Then whet your appetite on all of the ways to plan a culinary getaway with the Xanterra Travel Collection. Bon appétit!

Windstar’s Acclaimed James Beard Foundation Cruises

For the epicureans who want an expert’s tips on molecular gastronomy and recommendations on riojas in Spain, sail on a culinary-themed cruise with a James Beard Foundation chef and sommelier. These packages and voyages are custom-made for exploration. Discover it all in Windstar Cruise’s signature style that is “180 Degrees from Ordinary.”

Cruise and Savor with Windstar Cruises

VBT’s Burgundy Biking Wine Tour

Burgundy’s historic, bucolic and culinary treasures are uncorked on this delightful journey. Spinning from Lyon to Dijon—two UNESCO-designated marvels—you’ll cycle a countryside bursting with grapes for the region’s celebrated wines, explore masterpieces of medieval urban planning, roll past charming stone villages and along riverbanks, and more. Since 1971, Vermont-based VBT has been devoted to providing extraordinary experiences for active travelers in destinations around the world, and their Burgundy Biking Wine Tour is a classic bike tour that is vintage VBT.

Bike and Wine in Burgundy with VBT

Savor Italy’s Piedmont Region with Country Walkers

Piedmont—whose vineyard landscape is a recently designated UNESCO World Heritage site—is a feast of Italian culture and cuisine; experience its bounty with Vermont-based Country Walkers, with whom every trail tells a story. For 40 years the company has been leading off-the-beaten-path adventures on foot with expert local guides, providing guests immersive cultural moments complemented by stays in unique boutique accommodations. Discover why walking is a great way to experience the world.

Walk and Dine the Piedmont Region of Italy with Country Walkers

Discover the South’s Flavors with Holiday Vacations

Southern cuisine – it’s not just “buy it and fry it.” Discover the South’s deep history of culinary innovation while traveling from San Antonio to New Orleans with Holiday Vacations. Since 1973, thousands of people have experienced carefully planned, value-priced itineraries with Wisconsin-based Holiday Vacations. What started as a small company providing motorcoach tours to Midwest travelers has grown into a nationwide provider of guided vacations to more than 65 destinations worldwide.

Find the Soul in Southern Cuisine with Holiday Vacations

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