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How Composting Apples is Helping Preserve the Grand Canyon

Park mules are playing their part in the recycling process

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Recycled Waste Vegetable Oil Powers Historic Steam Train

The Grand Canyon Railway Carries Passengers to the Park’s Popular South Rim

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2017 Sustainability Report

From our war on food waste to trains that run on biodiesel to giving beetle kill trees new life, learn how we continue to set aggressive goals and lead our industry in sustainability and in addressing climate change in the 2017 Sustainability Report.

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Our Softer Footprint

At Xanterra, “Legendary Hospitality” is the heart of our business and how we care for our guests. “With a Softer Footprint” focuses on how we reduce our environmental impact through our sustainable business practices. We organize our sustainability goals and efforts under the following four pillars:

  • Use resources efficiently and effectively
  • Strive for zero waste
  • Build and operate sustainably
  • Provide guests with sustainable choices

These four pillars continue to guide decisions at every level of the company—from food and beverage sourcing for our restaurants, to choosing fleet vehicles, to the type of paint we use in guest rooms. We invite all of our guests and employees to join us on our sustainability journey. Learn more about our goals.

Corporate Sustainability

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Building Green

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Change the Course

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