Our Commitment to Sustainability

Xanterra Travel Collection’s Sustainability Commitment

Our commitment on sustainable business leadership is established on the belief we are living in a world where natural resource constraints and the effects of climate change are real. Xanterra Travel Collection operates with the certainty that our future depends upon the continued health of our natural systems.

Xanterra’s environmental management system, Our Softer Footprint, establishes goals and initiatives organized under four pillars:

  1. Use resources efficiently and effectively
  2. Strive for zero waste
  3. Build and operate sustainably
  4. Provide guests with sustainable choices

As a unifying framework for all Xanterra operations, Our Softer Footprint leads to:

  • Continual improvement based on review, tracking and reporting of environmental performance at all Xanterra operations;
  • Compliance with all applicable environmental regulations, policies, and other requirements to which Xanterra subscribes;
  • Incorporation of best management practices into our operations – using pollution prevention and sustainability strategies as core objectives;
  • Education of our guests and employees; and
  • Flexibility to respond to community and property environmental priorities.

Our Softer Footprint provides positive experiences for our guests and our employees while protecting BEAUTIFUL PLACES ON EARTH® and improving the places and communities where we operate.

We believe that increasing the sustainability of natural systems is not just good business–it’s the right thing to do.

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